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  • Necro cabin top

    A place to call home

    After a long search I finally found myself a place in the Swedish countryside. In this post I’ll tell you a bit about the process of finding it and why I choose to live [...]
  • Kronobergs lantbruksmuseum

    Traveling through Småland – part 2

    Kronoberg agricultural museum Sometimes writing these posts takes longer than expected. One year has passed since I took the photos below. While they have been sitting there [...]
  • Van life adventure

    An adventure begins…

    Dear friends and fellow hyperbrains, it’s time for an announcement. The blog has been silent for some months. I went silent because I really needed a break and some [...]
  • Traveling through Småland – part 1

    After the weeks spent on the west coast I decided to head towards Småland and the region where a part of my family used to live. More exactly the village Bor (as you might [...]
  • Creative October Challenge 2017 -

    Creative October Challenge 2017

    October is coming up and so is the Creative October Challenge 2017! For the third time in a row we’re getting together to be creative without spending money on new [...]

Guerilla gardening time

by Veronica in Permaculture & Gardening

A quick flashback to some guerilla gardening I did with friends on Walpurgis night. Guerilla what? Guerilla gardening = planting seeds or plants on random ugly spots, often [...]


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About is run by Veronica Setterhall (a.k.a. V-kaos). Here you’ll find articles on creative & sustainable living with topics such as organic gardening, crafts & DIY wrapped up in beautiful old aesthetics. All photos and texts by Veronica unless otherwise stated. Here you can read some more about the background and mission of the blog…

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