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  • The cabin in the woods

    The small cabin by the lake

    In December I went up to Sweden to spend some time in a remote cabin. I had felt this longing for a place off from most of the modern noise and chatter, a place to listen [...]
  • December Reflections 2016 - 02 - Light

    December Moments

    I have decided to loosely follow the December Reflections 2016 Instagram challenge by Susannah Conway. I will not do every day of the challenge, but when I feel that the [...]
  • Nigredo

    Searching my roots for silence

    Dig deeper. Ask yourself what hides beneath the surface. Do not fear. Do not stop. Face it straight on and hear it roar in your face. Once it stops. If you still stand. The [...]
  • As darkness falls

    As darkness falls the trees show their inner essence. They breathe slowly as you rush by and forget to greet them. They sigh, knowing that some of us will never listen to [...]
  • Sesame bread recipe

    Recipe 16: Sesame Bread

    This sesame bread works perfectly when you want to serve a lighter meal such as a soup, or if you have a few friends invited over for a party and need a nice looking bread to [...]

How do you consume? – Part 1

by Veronica in Permaculture & Gardening

Do you think about what you buy and how it has been produced? Many people within the field of Permaculture strongly encourage that you should limit what you buy and scale [...]


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