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  • Garden updates 2017

    Updates to my compact garden 2017

    First of all – Happy International Permaculture Day everyone! The 7th of May is the day for giving some extra attention to Permaculture. If you’re a beginner in [...]
  • Berries at Gartenschau Mühlacker - cropped

    8 of my favorite photos

    Here are 8 of my favorite (self-taken) photos plus a short story behind each one. Five of them actually hang on my office wall, so these are definitely photos I enjoy looking [...]
  • The cabin in the woods

    The small cabin by the lake

    In December I went up to Sweden to spend some time in a remote cabin. I had felt this longing for a place off from most of the modern noise and chatter, a place to listen [...]
  • December Reflections 2016 - 02 - Light

    December Moments

    I have decided to loosely follow the December Reflections 2016 Instagram challenge by Susannah Conway. I will not do every day of the challenge, but when I feel that the [...]

Compact gardening – Part 6

by Veronica in Permaculture & Gardening

One of the key principles of working with Permaculture is to make the least possible invasive impact to your garden (or other eco-) system. Digging or re-structuring [...]


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