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  • Creativity vs Productivity - a politosophical rant

    Creativity vs Productivity

    The last days I have been thinking a lot about the topics of creativity and productivity and how they intertwine. I’m quite a pragmatic person myself, almost always feeling [...]
  • Teaspoon Cookies - A traditional Swedish cookie often served around Christmas time in the north, but they're just as good now in autumn -

    Recipe 15: Teaspoon cookies

    Creative October is full on here but I felt like mixing up this month a bit with a new recipe. Well, not very new to be honest. It’s actually a classic recipe of [...]
  • Creative October update - cutting out blue dress

    Creative October update

    We’re already 30 people in the Creative October Challenge Facebook group and I know a few more are joining in privately without posting to the group. It’s really [...]
  • How to bind a book - a simple method for beginners

    How to bind a book

    In this article I’m showing you how to bind a book using whatever paper you have at hand and just a few tools that most people have at home. I don’t claim in any [...]

How to build a natural pond

by Veronica in Permaculture & Gardening

A natural pond is a great feature to add to almost any garden. Water features create favorable micro climates, habitats for many beneficial animals and provide water to the [...]


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