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  • Plants growing on top of compost bin

    5 smart tips for better compost

    An example of plants growing directly on top of a compost bin. During the seminar I took at Krameterhof I learned a few new things about compost. Here are some of my favorite [...]
  • Crossroads in the deep Swedish woods

    Internal Crossroads

    When the inner voice starts dreaming of lost dark forests. Visions of old times. Stillness. Silence. In a world where you can no longer hear your own heartbeat. It is hard to [...]
  • DIY Birch Hair Rinse - No Poo -

    Birch hair rinse

    I’m one of those people who suffer from a very dry scalp. Almost any shampoo I try dries it out and makes it itchy and flaky. So I decided to try to cut down washing my [...]
  • Guerilla gardening flower seeds in bag

    Guerilla gardening time

    A quick flashback to some guerilla gardening I did with friends on Walpurgis night. Guerilla what? Guerilla gardening = planting seeds or plants on random ugly spots, often [...]

Compact gardening – Part 1

by Veronica in Permaculture & Gardening

This is part one in a series of articles on the subject compact gardening. I will show a number of different techniques, design methods and tips for you to be able to plan [...]


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