8 of my favorite photos

Berries at Gartenschau Mühlacker - cropped

Here are 8 of my favorite (self-taken) photos plus a short story behind each one. Five of them actually hang on my office wall, so these are definitely photos I enjoy looking at.

The only editing I have made to them is making them smaller to not kill your Internet connections. Besides that, no Lightroom or Photoshop editing – just the photos as they came out of my camera.

A white horse near Würmtal in Germany

This white horse was munching away on summer grass on a field in Würmtal, Germany. I love how tranquil it seems, but if you look closely you see all the flies that he just shook off from his head.

Sunflowers at the garden exhibition in Mühlacker Germany

These red sunflowers I caught at a garden exhibition in Mühlacker, Germany a couple of years ago.

Berries at the garden exhibition in Mühlacker Germany

Some berries from the same exhibition. I just love the vibrant colors in this photo.

Paragliders starting from Dachstein in Austria

Paragliders starting from Dachstein in Austria. This was such a beautiful morning out by the Five Fingers platform and truly inspired me to return there some day soon and try out some paragliding myself. You truly get value for money in this place with such an amazing view and descending from almost 3000 meters down towards lake Hallstatt.

A crooked tree by Prebersee in Lungau Austria

This photo you probably know from my post about Prebersee. Here slightly darker since I decided to show how it looked unedited. If you have the chance to go to this place, do it. I’m pretty sure it’s nice on a sunny day as well, but the fog and rainy skies just added to the magic in this case.

Skulls and bones at Kutná Hora outside Prague

If you’re ever in Prague you “have to” go to Kutná Hora as well. I was smart enough to go there during the middle of the day in the middle of the week, which meant less people and a better chance to catch photos.

Amanita Muscaria in a natural reservation

From a visit to the Hohloh natural reservation last autumn. A fairy tale landscape with windling paths, valleys and streams. The forest was full of Amanita Muscaria mushrooms. This photo can be downloaded as a desktop background if you like it (sign up here).

Pinscher Lóni in the woods outside of Skultuna in Sweden

Last but not least, a photo I took over 10 years ago when I was still living in Sweden in the forests outside of Skultuna. This is my beloved and missed Pinscher dog Lóni. I took this photo with my old analog 1960’s DDR Praktica camera so I’m happy that I was able to catch her sitting still long enough for me to manage the settings (if you know the Pinscher breed that’s a rare thing unless they’re sleeping…).

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