A new year has begun

Chaos reigns.

Chaos Reigns

Yesterday I focused on spending time with my friends instead of being by the computer. I was happy to see that several were happy to participate in the small ritual that I usually perform on the winter solstice. Each person who wanted to take part was asked to write their wishes for the coming year on a note and burn it in the fireplace. I have been doing this in one form or another the last years and I have noticed that it has given me the needed focus to make sure that things happen. Sometimes they have done so with a bit surprising results, but not being 100% certain of what’s to come is what I find brilliant about it. Sometimes we need our world to surprise us and push our boundaries a bit to be able to grow.

Old paths being cleared. New energies given space to enter.

One of the things I chose to write down was that I will focus on being more true to myself and to my own path during the coming year. I have felt myself stagnate a bit lately and that’s something I strongly and actively wish to work on. I wrote it down more clear and detailed on my own note. Good thing with these wishes are that you don’t have to keep them a secret. Rather the other way around – speaking them out make you accountable for your own actions.

I highly recommend doing this kind of small ritual if you haven’t done so already. Just stand still for a few minutes on a place of choice and focus on what you really wish to happen. If you feel you need to strengthen the experience with a certain setting or attributes such as something to drink, a fire or similar – fell free to do so. The important thing is still your inner intention. It doesn’t have to be on the winter solstice, it can be anytime. I just happen to find it a suiting symbolic setting for the act.

Try it and be prepared to be surprised. Chaos has its ways of telling us things in unexpected ways sometimes…

Chaos Reigns

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