About Hyperbrain.me

Want to live a more creative and sustainable life? Not sure how to get there?
That’s what I’m here to show you!

Hi! I’m Veronica Setterhall. I started Hyperbrain.me as a platform to write about  ways to live in a more creative and sustainable way.

If you’re here you’re probably fed up with the shallow, quick-fix way of living and want to find something that step by step shows you how to live a more fulfilling life. You’re looking for a place which encourages you to build up something of your own. It doesn’t matter if you dream of pursuing a creative hobby or if you long for turning your passion(s) into your living. This is the place to get started!

If you share my passion for old, beautiful aesthetics, dream about a greener future and truly believe in your heart that you’re meant for something greater than the standard nine to five, then you’re in the right spot. (Actually, you’re welcome even if you’re not fully convinced yet that you have what it takes. You’ll get there!)

On hyperbrain.me you’ll find:

  • Gardening tips – This site is all in on organic gardening & Permaculture
  • How-to articles on various crafts
  • How-to articles on household products & cosmetics
  • Articles on ways to minimize your environmental impact
  • Recipes where you cook with clean ingredients from the ground up
  • Inspirational articles & interviews with creative people & small sustainable businesses

You get to meet people who have pursued their dreams, no matter what. It’s usually not the easiest path to take, but it will ALWAYS be worth it. Here is the place where you’ll find the support you need.

Later there will also be worksheets, e-books, courses and events that you can participate in.


The first step you can take is to sign up for the hyperbrain.me monthly newsletter. Like that you’ll be the first to know of upcoming events, receive exclusive materials and you will never miss a post again!

Want to get started right away? Then I recommend you go check out my Compact Gardening Series that will teach you how to grow vegetables & herbs, even if you just have a small space available.

Why did I start this site?

Some years ago I started asking myself what really makes me happy. I quickly saw that it didn’t fit together with the way I was living. I always cared a lot for nature, beautiful old things, crafts and doing things with my own hands rather than buying everything. The times I was feeling the most happy was when I had managed something on my own, even if it meant hard work. Chopping wood, digging a garden bed, sew a full dress by hand. Those are things that seem crazy to some people and give life meaning to others. I’m the second kind. I have this inner need to express myself, be it in the form of music, textile crafts or text.

I got fed up with just dreaming and figured out that starting an online magazine (or blog if you prefer) would be a great way to create a space were we can learn together and share our experiences. My long-term goal is creating a physical space as well – a course center for sustainability, creativity and arts – but this is step one. (Remember, step by step, not everything at once!)

So, isn’t hyperbrain.me a bit weird name for a mag like this? The name was chosen since it perfectly reflects a multi-passionate and (a bit) hyper person, but I’d like to see it more like a positive invitation – for you to hyperbrain yourself – become all that you want to be!

So who am I after all?

I’m a multi-passionate gardener, metal and classical musician, crafter, & writer. I finally dare to call myself all that because I do have several years of experience in each one of those fields. I’ve had my own farm in Portugal, worked with logging horses, toured with bands, I sew my own clothes, know a bunch of historical crafts, I’ve written hundreds of thousands of words (more for others than what you find here), studied art and interior history, worked as a singing teacher, built my own business from scratch (Yes, I know how it is to be poor at first) and I learn new things every day. That’s the most important thing, to always be open for learning more and trying new things. With time I have found the topics and crafts I always return to, the things I feel proficient in and love. Those are the things I share with you here.

For the things I don’t know (yet) I invite others to write and present what they’re best at.

I hope all this sounds exciting and that you want to keep on reading and learning together with me and the other people who are contributing (if you want to contribute yourself, click here!). I’m so happy to have you here! Let’s build that dream-life together!

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