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Veronica is the founder of With one foot in the past and one in the future she takes inspiration from older aesthetics and ideas to apply them in updated form today. She is passionate about teaching timeless skills and believes that the world needs more polymaths.

Naalbinding – first attempts

This week I really needed some time off from the computer and decided to try to get a hang of naalbinding (nålbindning) again. I have been shown how to do it twice (!) by two different friends, but I always managed to forget one crucial step to be able to do more than just long chains of yarn. I [...]

4th September 2015

Luxury shrimp omelet recipe

Short on time but still want to cook something with a touch of luxury? Try this shrimp omelet recipe! An omelet is super simple to whip up when you’re short on time. This shrimp omelet recipe is tasty enough to serve to guests at a brunch or lighter dinner. Or just enjoy it all on your own [...]

1st September 2015

Write your own fairytale

Write your own fairytale, not the one of others This week I have been thinking a lot about the concepts of consumption, luxury and living your dreams – but perhaps not from the perspective of being lazy on a tropical island “sipping coconuts” as the guys in the Lambogoal podcast [...]

28th August 2015

Welcome back!

Welcome back to the new version of! I really hope that you like the new look and feel of the site. I’m still working on some last details in the layout and setup of the categories, but all articles worth moving from the old system have been migrated. Do real things! In the [...]

25th August 2015

Great to have you on for my monthly newsletter!

Free stuff! To get access to the e-book you signed up for go to the Resource Library and enter the password creativesustainable. (Please do not share this, it’s meant for subscribers only.) Monthly newsletter You will soon receive a confirmation email where you need to verify your [...]

21st August 2015


Publiceringsansvarig / Publisher: Veronica Setterhall ( is now based in Sweden, hence the contact information mandatory in Germany has been removed.) Utilization of the contact data stated in this section by third parties for sending non-solicited advertising and information is hereby [...]

19th August 2015

Compact gardening – Part 10

Here you can find links, videos, book tips and other resources that can help you in your compact gardening. This article is a living document which will be continuously updated when coming across more good resources. You’re more than welcome to contribute with links to useful articles, [...]

14th August 2015

5 Gardening Mistakes I made in 2015

Here are a few things I learned during the first serious gardening season on my terrace. Previously I have been cultivating on land and in easily movable pots in a quite different climate. Here in Germany I’m on a rooftop terrace with a mix of fixed (at least for the season) garden beds and [...]

11th August 2015

Audiovisual productions and crafts day

Today I have been filming the material I need for the first tutorial. I also recorded a temporary audio version of the script to use as a guide when editing the video. It’s easy to be a time optimist when you work on this kind of production. Lesson number one to learn is that it will take at [...]

7th August 2015

Hand sewing tutorials in the making

The script for the first tutorial video is done and I’m currently rehearsing the timing to make sure the tempo of what I show fits well together with the explanations. As I mentioned in the last article I will overdub the script after recording and editing the video. This will make me able to [...]

4th August 2015

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