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Veronica is the founder of With one foot in the past and one in the future she takes inspiration from older aesthetics and ideas to apply them in updated form today. She is passionate about teaching timeless skills and believes that the world needs more polymaths.

Video tests

I’ve started to experiment with filming while I’m doing some crafts. Over the coming weeks I will start publishing short tutorial videos which I hope will be appreciated. There are some out there already, but many are a few years old, lack the needed quality to see what is happening [...]

31st July 2015

Baumwipfelpfad Schwarzwald

The Baumwipfelpfad Schwarzwald is a path consisting of platforms and a wood tower where you walk high up among and above the tree tops. It’s situated on the hill above the small town of Bad Wildbad in northern Black Forest. The path up to the tower has some stations informing about the [...]

28th July 2015

New Camera – New Inspiration

I finally managed to purchase a camera with all the functions I need to be able to produce videos of the quality I want for the upcoming tutorials, courses and probably also some interviews later. I have wanted to have a proper DSLR for years but only now I could fit it into my budget and found [...]

24th July 2015

Of Habit Creeps

Today I suggest that you read an article by James Clear on a term he coined called habit creep. Many of you might be familiar with the term “lifestyle creep”, which basically means that when your income increases, so does your lifestyle gradually. This generally happens in such small [...]

21st July 2015

Compact gardening – Part 9

Today I will give you a step by step process which you can use when designing a new garden or if you want to update an existing one. Tools you will need: Color pens, paper, ruler or a garden design system on your computer – whichever you prefer. A long measuring tape or folding rule is also [...]

16th July 2015

Blühendes Barock Ludwigsburg

Here are a few pictures from last week when I visited the Blühendes Barock exhibition in the Ludwigsburg castle park. I guess the perfect time to go there would be in June to see all the roses in full bloom, but definitely worthwhile [...]

14th July 2015

Of Textiles and Blood

This post should really be called “Of Focus” – but the focus here is textiles & blood. A showcase of what has been taking up my time and focus the last days. Yes, it is real pigs blood on the dress. No, it doesn’t smell – yet. It will not be washed. It will [...]

10th July 2015

Historisches Altstadtfest Kenzingen 2015

I’m back from the hottest weekend in ages. Standing on stage in full sun, dressed in a wool dress when it’s 38 degrees Celcius in the shadow isn’t really something I can recommend. But besides that I had a great time at the market. The church next to the camp had really beautiful [...]

7th July 2015

The Universe Speaks

Sometimes you have to listen to what the universe, your body and mind tries to tell you. System crash, lost information, breakdown. Used to ignore these signals. Used to take them as a challenge and push on harder. Proven enough times to have the stamina to pull through. Today it is time to listen. [...]

1st July 2015

Of Polymaths

For years I have known that I am not wired in the way expected of us in today’s society. I find it hard to stick to one single thing and specialize on it for life. I have too many different interests, some recurring, other just temporary passions. Luckily there is a term, or actually a few, [...]

30th June 2015

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