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Veronica is the founder of With one foot in the past and one in the future she takes inspiration from older aesthetics and ideas to apply them in updated form today. She is passionate about teaching timeless skills and believes that the world needs more polymaths.

How do you consume? – Part 1

Important note: This article was written some years ago now, mainly as a mental experiment to test a few thoughts. I’m not pro unlimited growth and I believe that the current industry has the wrong focus to start with. Instead of trying to solve problems or needs of people it wants to sell [...]

18th November 2014

Back to the Middle Ages

Lately I’ve been picking up on an old hobby of mine – medieval reenactment. I’ve been interested in the middle ages since I was about 13-14 years old. I was reading everything I could find about medieval cathedrals, clothing, food etc. I loved to read historical novels and learn [...]

12th November 2014

Of Cultivation

Even if a piece of land appears to be dead, there is as good as always a possibility to give it new life. One just has to understand what went wrong and how one can work out a method to change it. This is one of the reasons why I’m fascinated by Permaculture. People like Sepp Holzer [...]

1st October 2014

Of Change

Changes may happen via active choice as well as through losing control. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Your environment changes from day to day. People close to you choose other ways or affect you in one way or another. You might notice that it’s time to move on towards the next [...]

19th September 2014

Of SEO Blog Writing

One thing that I do a lot in my work is writing SEO critical blog texts. These are texts that many times just end up on some remote blog used for back linking to company sites or other blogs used to drive traffic on certain keywords. I know, I’m part of polluting the Internet – but [...]

28th August 2014

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