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Veronica is the founder of With one foot in the past and one in the future she takes inspiration from older aesthetics and ideas to apply them in updated form today. She is passionate about teaching timeless skills and believes that the world needs more polymaths.

Changes in my compact garden 2016

For those of you doing some compact or urban gardening, or any sort of gardening actually, I’d like to remind you of my earlier article about some mistakes I did in 2015 in my terrace garden. It contains some tips that can be useful if you wish to avoid some common errors such as soil drying [...]

2nd June 2016

Recipe 12: Rhubarb crumble

This is a true Swedish classic. Rhubarb crumble is perfect to make right now when the rhubarb is rather “young” and not too woody. The crumble can be used for more or less any kind of berries or fruits that are in season. Fun fact – rhubarb is not a fruit, it’s a vegetable. [...]

23rd May 2016

Recipe 11: Simple fish soup

This quick and simple fish soup will warm you on a cool day. This time I had two help chefs assisting me in the kitchen. We talked about starting to rate the recipes and give some more of our opinions on them. Not all of what is presented in this old Swedish cookbook are recipes that I would [...]

19th May 2016

A Suburban Permaculture Design

Last week I went to some friends living in a village nearby my place to see if I can bring some new life to their garden. This is the start of a small suburban Permaculture design I’m doing, but I decided to do it “backwards” this time. If you know anything about Permaculture [...]

11th May 2016

Walpurgis powers

Allowing the fire to cleanse and strengthen. Removal of stagnation, of those holding you back. Saying farewell to the foggy mind. Viewing the surroundings with new clarity. The sun speaks. Asks the questions needed to take the next step. To break out of this [...]

3rd May 2016

Happy Permaculture Day 2016!

Permaculture Day 2016 This is starting to become a tradition! Since a few years now International Permaculture Day is being celebrated on several places all over the world with farm tours, showcases of sustainable housing, Eco-workshops, Permablitzes, films and much more. So far the main part of [...]

1st May 2016

A medieval apron

A couple of weeks ago was the yearly flea market of the medieval reenactment group I’m in. I had told myself that I most probably wouldn’t find anything useful since most of the things being sold are the old used things that people no longer find authentic enough. Well… I was [...]

25th April 2016

Hike up to Burgruine Waldeck

This weekend I took a trip to another medieval castle ruin nearby that I had wanted to see for some time: Burgruine Waldeck. It’s not fully clear when this castle was first built. It appears to have been mentioned the first time in the mid 12th century, but like many castles of this type it [...]

18th April 2016

Hanging out with friends

Just a quick post I’m writing from my phone. I’ll probably post something longer tomorrow when i plan on sowing more seeds and replant some seedlings. Tonight though I’m gonna hang out with my stringed and keyed friends and disappear in a cloud of noise together with some ice [...]

15th April 2016

A cryptic spring tale

The place where my voice was silenced is opening up my black heart. Spilling out the sticky tar, the memories of time lost and spent. Drilling holes into the wood to seek shelter. Newborn in judgement. Listening. Moving. The angelic numbers of fullfilment combined. Viewing myself in a new light [...]

10th April 2016

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