Choose your tools to suit your mood

Writing by hand to focus better.

Parker Pen

When was the last time you made something by hand? When did you last write something with an ordinary pen?

With all the brilliant technology we have around us I sometimes truly find pleasure in doing things by hand instead. Be it sewing or writing – my mind seems to work in a different way.

Especially when it comes to planning work I notice that the brain acts differently using pen and paper compared to using a computer screen. Being able to spread out different notes over a larger area, touching them to move them somewhere else, modifying them in a direct physical way – it works differently.

It’s hard to say exactly how or why, but many times I notice that things seem clearer when stepping away from the computer. Taking notes, organizing thoughts – it all becomes clearer on paper.

Call me old school – but I wouldn’t call that true since I to an even larger extent use computers and produce gigantic amounts of text that would take me ages to write by hand. It’s more about choosing the right tool for the right task.

How about you? Pen, computer or both?

Parker Pen

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