Compact gardening – Part 10

Gardening resources.

Compact gardening resources

Here you can find links, videos, book tips and other resources that can help you in your compact gardening.

This article is a living document which will be continuously updated when coming across more good resources. You’re more than welcome to contribute with links to useful articles, videos or gardening books that you love! Both online and offline resources are accepted. With time I suspect it might grow too big for one single page and in that case it will be split up. (As of today it only represents a fraction of all the material I have – I just wanted to get it started.)

Books are listed under different languages since much of the material I personally have is in Swedish and German. Links to bookstores are only provided to make it easier for you to get hold of the books. The same applies to links to course providers and similar. This site has no affiliation with any bookstore, course center, garden supply store or other provider of products and/or services. (If there will be any form of collaboration in the future this will be clearly marked out.)

A general tip is getting yourself a Pinterest account if you haven’t already. There you can find loads of garden tips and inspiration just by searching for related terms. I have a pinboard dedicated to Permaculture & Gardening.


(listed on topics)

Garden design tools: – A list of free garden planning tools

General Gardening: – Gardening site from the BBC. Full of great resources. – Nice site to find gardening articles. Maybe a bit too focused on fancy design gardens from time to time, but a nice source of inspiration.

Permaculture: – One of the founders of the Permaculture movement. You need to sign up with your email address to get access to his videos but they are well worth it! – This site has a lot of free material if you want to learn more about Permaculture, including videos and a huge forum. One negative thing is their aggressive marketing tactics if you’re signed up for their newsletter, but besides that a good resource. – The news site of the Permaculture Research Institute. Contains a lot of interesting articles. – The school where I took my own PDC online. – A site with a lot of good articles, a podcast and forums about Permaculture.

Videos: – Backyard Aquaponics: DIY system to farm fish with vegetables – How to build a keyhole garden – How to grow tomatoes upside down – Hydroponic tower garden – great if you have limited space – Krameterhof, Austrian alps – a Permaculture project started by Sepp Holzer. A pioneer showing how much can be done in a cold climate with the help of Permaculture.



Seymour, John (2009) The New Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency. DK  – Not so much a gardening book as a book on self-sufficiency skills in general. Some of it might be dated but overall it’s a great book with loads of resources on how you can do more on your own.


Grabner, Melanie (2014) Balkonernte (Mein Garten): Gestalten – Pflanzen – Naschen. Franckh Kosmos Verlag

Whittingham, Jo (2013) Gärtnern ohne Garten. Dorling Kindersley.


Berglund, Karin (1994) Så i ruta – ett sätt att komma nära det som växer. Rabén Prisma. – Verkar tyvärr vara utsåld men den finns tillgänglig på många bibliotek. En mycket bra bok som snabbt sammanfattar squarefoot gardening för svenska förhållanden.

Israelsson, Lena (2011) Handbok för köksträdgården. Wahlström & Widstrand – En fantastisk bok som täcker en enorm bredd inom odling. Ett måste i varje odlares bibliotek!

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