Crafted in October

Hand working items takes time...

Crafted in October

Here is a quick update on the items I have been crafting in October. I have only been using materials I already owned as part of my consumption free October experiment.

The items I have been making have largely been hand made, which means I haven’t finished as much as I would have if I was using my sewing machine. I’m still happy with the results and I have definitely been improving my hand sewing speed.
Naalbinding hat and wrist warmers
First up, a pair of wrist warmers and a hat/beanie – all done with naalbinding technique. I’m really happy with how they turned out. They’re warm and really soft for sheep’s wool. If you’re curious about the naalbinding technique, check out this article.
Red linen bag
This red linen bag is hand embroidered with cotton, silk and synthetic gold thread + embellished with golden glass pearls. The bag itself is machine sewn. I’ll show you how to make one in a later post. The bag is turnable so if you like it’s possible to make it in two contrasting fabrics and choose which one to turn outwards each time you use it.
13th century surcot
My 13th century surcot is almost done. To be able to wear it I just have to finish the neck lining and then cut it to be able to walk in it. It’s way too long at the moment. I plan on trimming it more in the front to leave a longer train in the back. This has been a tough one indeed since the fabric is very heavy to sew in. Finally I made myself a pair of leather finger protectors and immediately noticed a difference in how fast I could sew (and no holes in my fingers anymore…).

I’m also researching suitable decorations for it and have been gathering a bunch of images on my 13th century pinboard. The 13th century is a bit tricky to recreate since it’s hard to see exactly what most images are depicting, but I did find some examples of extant embroideries that I will use for inspiration. It will be a work in progress for several months to come, but now I know I’ll have it “ready enough” for the knight’s dinner at least.
Paint and silver leaf Gothic window
Another small eternity project is this paint and silver leaf Gothic window in my bedroom. I had the jar of paint standing for ages in there before I started working on it again. I noticed I will have to paint at least two layers to cover it properly. The next layer I’ll mix out the gray paint with some white to make it lighter and let the black outlines stand out better.

I guess I have managed quite a bit this month after all. I have definitely found more inspiration for crafting and will continue making more stuff in November.

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