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Tablet weaving course in Uppsala

Last weekend I visited a tablet weaving course in Uppsala, Sweden. I have wanted to learn this technique for a long time but never took the time to struggle through the instructions I had lying around. I thought it would be more efficient and fun to visit a course with an experienced teacher and [...]

23rd February 2016

Starting up the monster machine

The monster machine is up and running My corset project has been a bit slow this week due to not feeling 100% well and also focusing on rehearsing when I had some free time and energy left over. My old plastic darling is still going strong. Earlier this week I managed to cut out all the pieces but [...]

29th January 2016

Quick corset sewing update

Today will just be a really quick update on the corset sewing progress. I selected a few pieces of scrap fabric to use for the lining. Since it won’t show and I found some robust fabrics that won’t stretch I didn’t feel the need to invest in expensive coutil when making this one. [...]

26th January 2016

Corset making time

While I continue to work on the pendant for my stage costume, I started preparing the next step which will be sewing a corset to wear together with a long skirt. The interactive corset pattern from is a pattern I have used before when I made an ensemble to wear for the [...]

12th January 2016

Historical Hand Sewing Tutorial 1 – Materials

Hand sewing tutorials for history freaks Welcome to part one of my historical hand sewing tutorial series! In these articles I will write about materials and techniques used when sewing clothes and accessories in past times when there were no sewing machines. My main focus is Viking and medieval [...]

8th January 2016

Merged in symbolism

Symbolism taking physical form I have started working on my stage costume for the first live appearance with V-kaos. First up is a brooch or pendant for a necklace that I will embroider on black cloth with silver thread and then stabilize with a piece of wood or metal on the back. I’m using a [...]

5th January 2016

Conscious consumption – How do you consume? – part 3

How can you switch to a more conscious consumption? Christmas shopping is blasting right now. I find it a good time to think about how and why we consume and how it is possible to change the way we consume into a more conscious consumption. Every year the business world is aiming for higher and [...]

15th December 2015

Jul crafting for a cozier house

Simple and quick jul decorations Finally the parts for the gingerbread house have been put together. The frosting came off on several parts. Too much sugar in the mix, which made it brittle. But it looks kind of cute anyway. When I build gingerbread houses I prefer to use caramelized sugar rather [...]

11th December 2015

Decorations for the holiday season

Decorations for the anti-christmas freak As you might know from my earlier posts, I’m not the typical celebrator of Christmas. For several years I avoided it almost completely, but I have found my way to build up some traditions of my own that make sense to my (slightly complicated) world [...]

1st December 2015

Tutorial – Simple Reversible Shoulder Bag

Today I’ll show you how to sew a shoulder bag similar to the one I showed in the blog post earlier this week. It’s a small, practical shoulder bag that fits most items you may need for a night out (wallet, phone, keys, handkerchiefs etc), well, at least I’m not the type that [...]

30th October 2015

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