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Crafted in October

Here is a quick update on the items I have been crafting in October. I have only been using materials I already owned as part of my consumption free October experiment. The items I have been making have largely been hand made, which means I haven’t finished as much as I would have if I was [...]

27th October 2015

A 13th century surcot in progress

Currently I’m working on a surcot – a sleeveless dress – for my 13th century garb. Since the yearly knight’s dinner (Rittermal) in my reenactment group is taking place on the 7th of November I wanted to have something a bit fancier than my peasant’s clothing to wear. A [...]

20th October 2015

Naalbinding progress

A few days ago I finished my first proper naalbinding garment ever – a wrist warmer in relatively thin undyed woll which I got myself on the Bad Wildbad medieval fair from one of the representatives of Das Goldene Vlies – a cooperative promoting local products from the Coburger [...]

6th October 2015

Naalbinding – first attempts

This week I really needed some time off from the computer and decided to try to get a hang of naalbinding (nålbindning) again. I have been shown how to do it twice (!) by two different friends, but I always managed to forget one crucial step to be able to do more than just long chains of yarn. I [...]

4th September 2015

Audiovisual productions and crafts day

Today I have been filming the material I need for the first tutorial. I also recorded a temporary audio version of the script to use as a guide when editing the video. It’s easy to be a time optimist when you work on this kind of production. Lesson number one to learn is that it will take at [...]

7th August 2015

Hand sewing tutorials in the making

The script for the first tutorial video is done and I’m currently rehearsing the timing to make sure the tempo of what I show fits well together with the explanations. As I mentioned in the last article I will overdub the script after recording and editing the video. This will make me able to [...]

4th August 2015

Video tests

I’ve started to experiment with filming while I’m doing some crafts. Over the coming weeks I will start publishing short tutorial videos which I hope will be appreciated. There are some out there already, but many are a few years old, lack the needed quality to see what is happening [...]

31st July 2015

Of Textiles and Blood

This post should really be called “Of Focus” – but the focus here is textiles & blood. A showcase of what has been taking up my time and focus the last days. Yes, it is real pigs blood on the dress. No, it doesn’t smell – yet. It will not be washed. It will [...]

10th July 2015

Choose your tools to suit your mood

When was the last time you made something by hand? When did you last write something with an ordinary pen? With all the brilliant technology we have around us I sometimes truly find pleasure in doing things by hand instead. Be it sewing or writing – my mind seems to work in a different way. [...]

16th December 2014

Mittens part 5

Today just a quick update on the mittens. The first dragon is soon done and later today I’ll continue on the second one. It’s turning out quite nice, but in some parts it would have been good with a slightly thicker yarn for the black [...]

9th December 2014

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