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Mittens part 4

First I had the idea to only use couching of the outlines of the embroidery pattern as decoration of the mittens, but since I have quite a lot of silk thread lying around that I haven’t been using, I decided to fill out the whole pattern to add more colour. I’m trying split stitch for [...]

8th December 2014

Mittens part 3

I tacked together one of the wadmal mittens just to try out that it fit properly before proceeding with the remaining steps. Since all was fine I took it apart again to start on another crucial part – the decoration! I’m using a pattern that was included in the embroidery instruction [...]

5th December 2014

True Goth

An image of a small home decoration project in progress. Instead of re-painting the whole bedroom I’m making small features with stylized painted Gothic church windows. I started the first one already in summer, but just drew a few lines every here and there on it. Yesterday I finished the [...]

5th December 2014

Mittens part 2

Today I started on the real mittens. I’m still sticking to shorter descriptions since I want to summarize it all in one larger how-to post describing all steps in detail. First of all I had to adjust the small issues with the original pattern, namely widen the thumb part in one place and add [...]

4th December 2014

Mittens part 1

I told you a few days ago that I was choosing materials for a pair of mittens (based on the Gardar mitten). Today I started working on them, but since I only had a sketch to work with and no proper pattern I thought I’d do things the right way this time = make a prototype before cutting in [...]

3rd December 2014

Craftsy Day

Today has been a day full of Yule preparations. I haven’t celebrated much the last 10 years – or actually, what I have been celebrating has more been the winter solstice. I count that as the natural new year’s celebration. The more I learn about the existing traditions and [...]

30th November 2014


Well, not as in spiritual/philosophical illumination. More as in the creation of beautiful manuscripts. You couldn’t see it that well on the post from yesterday with the glögg bottle, but the tag was something I did just to get my mind off work for a bit. I’m no good with drawing, but [...]

28th November 2014

Make something beautiful today!

Above is an image from selecting some material to use for a pair of winter mittens I’m making. I figured out that I don’t have any warmer gloves/mittens for winter, so I want to make a pair myself. I’ve had a look at some reconstructions of historical gloves that were described [...]

27th November 2014

Back to the Middle Ages

Lately I’ve been picking up on an old hobby of mine – medieval reenactment. I’ve been interested in the middle ages since I was about 13-14 years old. I was reading everything I could find about medieval cathedrals, clothing, food etc. I loved to read historical novels and learn [...]

12th November 2014

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