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Yule decoration time

Yule tide

Today has been a day full of Yule preparations. I haven’t celebrated much the last 10 years – or actually, what I have been celebrating has more been the winter solstice. I count that as the natural new year’s celebration.

The more I learn about the existing traditions and decorations used around this time the more I see it’s a big mashup of pagan and Christian traditions. It’s not always clear which parts came from where. I choose to interpret it all in my own ways.
I have decided that what’s important for me is to decorate the house a bit to get a warmer feeling in all the darkness. Colours and lights giving a contrast to the grey darkness outside.

Yule tide

This day we managed to decorate an advent wreath, make some glögg and I’m finishing an advent’s calendar to hide some sweets in.

Quite a productive day.

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