Creative October update

Creative October update - cutting out blue dress

We’re already 30 people in the Creative October Challenge Facebook group and I know a few more are joining in privately without posting to the group. It’s really nice to read about the different reasons the participants have for joining the challenge, the projects they are planning for the month and already a few posts with their progress so far. I’m also very happy to see that we are a diverse group with different interests – from various crafts to writing, illustration, website design and much more.

Right now I’m looking forward to the crafts evening I’ll be hosting at home next week. It’s always nice to do creative things in the company of others. I personally prefer that to just sitting in a cafe chatting with people. Doing something with my hands while talking to others and spending time together always feels like time better spent. It should never feel like a must of course. I just happen to find it more relaxing.
Creative October upate - sewing blue dress
So far I have done two secret projects that I don’t want to reveal since they’re both gifts. They’re currently on their way to their new owner. Besides that I have had time to start on a blue 1950’s inspired dress that I’m sewing out of fabric remnants. The pieces were old enough to have price tags still in German Mark = pre 1998 for sure, but probably late 1980’s or early 1990’s considering the color. This blue maybe isn’t the best color for me, but I think it will turn into a nice dress anyway. If I notice I don’t wear it more times after the party I’m making it for I’ll give it away to somebody else.
Torso of blue dress - Creative October update
I finished the torso part of it today and it fits nicely. The neckline needs to be adjusted and the skirt I will work on the nearest days, but all in all it shouldn’t take too much time to finish it. A more detailed description of the process will be presented in a later blog post.
Creative October update - Using the small book to journal about the progress of the project
The small book I made last week I’m using to write down all the creative projects I’m doing this month together with some reflections on how this project is going and what can be improved for next year. It feels good that it’s coming to good use.

I’ll keep you posted on what’s going on here in the blog and in the Facebook group, but for today I’ll get back to sewing and playing piano instead of spending more time in front of the computer.

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