Crowned we lay everything open

but none shall perceive

Dripstone cave - Nebelhöhle

Inner Coronation

Written in stone are shimmering feathers – shifting in all perceptible shades. As Venus crosses the sky to the sound of fretted and bowed strings.
Moss in dripstone cave Nebelhöhle.
Naked they turn their backs against the world. Ride into deepest woods. Metallic vessels gleam in the splendour of the sun.

Crowned stands the flask. Crowned stand we.
Moss by Schloss Lichtenstein

The clue is in the three

Visit the inner parts of thy mountain. The foundation that needs to be shattered. Next to the water where the moon has laid his face.

Into a pond he dove. Observing thy work. Your foolish efforts.

True to thy word, stand before the throne. Speak to claim your rightful position. Supported by a blue marble pillar.
Dripstone cave Nebelhöhle
Rightfully question the cross above your head. Encircled in gilded ornament. Artificial memories arise.

Illustrious or ill-boding? Beams burn the mountain. All-consuming heat.

Observing from outside. Sulphur & Mercury carve the mountain. Opposites soon to meet in collapse.

Light gleaming through thy essence. The clue is in the three.

I lay everything open, but none shall perceive.
Fire basket

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