A cryptic spring tale

River Würm in spring 2016

The place where my voice was silenced
is opening up my black heart.
Spilling out the sticky tar,
the memories of time lost and spent.
The tree stump
Drilling holes into the wood
to seek shelter.
Moss flowers
Newborn in judgement.
Newborn in judgement
Vitsippor i Schwarzwald
Moving water by the stones in the river
The angelic numbers of fullfilment combined.
Purple nettles
Viewing myself in a new light
which shines straight into the core.
Bright spring green
Radiating back all that
which was meant to be.
Dew drops on grass straws
The suffering in spring.
Water drops
The pain of growth,
of letting go.
The well of wisdom
Shed your skin and awaken.

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