December Moments

December Reflections 2016 - 02 - Light

I have decided to loosely follow the December Reflections 2016 Instagram challenge by Susannah Conway. I will not do every day of the challenge, but when I feel that the theme of the day speaks to me I’ll take a photo or use an existing one.

I will be posting them here in this blog post as well bit by bit.

Day 2

Theme: Light

December Reflections 2016 - 02 - Light

Day 3

Theme: Fave photo of 2016

December Reflections 2016 - 03 - Fave photo of 2016

The lake at sunrise

A photo I took the first morning in the countryside cabin I’m staying in for a while this month.

Sunrise over the lake near Mormorsgruvan, Sweden

The cabin on the other side of the lake

Took a walk around the small lake climbing over rocks, jumping over creeks and stumbling over old, fallen trees.

The cabin by the lake

Day 12

Theme: Precious

Precious snow

After this point I didn’t follow the challenge further. I was more focused on enjoying my time out in the countryside. Here are the remaining posts from Instagram during the month. More photos from the surroundings by the cabin will follow in the next post instead.


The sunrise over the lake one of the mornings.


On some rocks, spring water was coming out and created icicles.


Back in Stockholm again I spent some time with family and made some crafts.

Best nine

These are apparently the 9 most liked Instagram photos from 2016. One showed up two times and is actually my personal favorite as well, as you can see higher up in this post.

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