Decorations for the holiday season

A cozy house to light up the winter darkness

Nine point star window decorations

Decorations for the anti-christmas freak

As you might know from my earlier posts, I’m not the typical celebrator of Christmas. For several years I avoided it almost completely, but I have found my way to build up some traditions of my own that make sense to my (slightly complicated) world view.

Christmas tree balls in window as decorations

Hanging some golden balls and hearts in the kitchen window. Will add ginger bread, ivy and some miniature apples later.

I always loved the decorations and the Swedish Christmas food, but I have had a hard time understanding the consumption hysteria. And as you might have figured out, I’m not your typical good Christian. 😉
glogg making ingredients

I made glögg for a party in the woods next weekend. You need quite a bit to stay warm. 😉

Regardless of that, I like decorating my home at this time of year to bring in some light and beautiful colors to a time which is quite dull and grey (before the snow comes).
decorations on advent wreath

Decorating an advent wreath with miniature apples, cinnamon sticks, straw stars and red candles.

So I spent my weekend making and putting up decorations for the home, baking some ginger bread (recipe to come) and making glögg. I also took the chance to put some winter protection for my trees and bushes out on the terrace and hang up some bird feeders. This witch has been staying busy, that’s for sure!
lighting the advent wreath

Lighting the first candle

How far have you come with the decorations yourselves? I’m curious to hear if and how you celebrate this season.
home made gingerbread house

Not the wanted Pinterest pretty ginger bread house parts… they look erhm… “home made” 😀

On the 21st of December (the winter solstice) I’m doing my yearly ritual where I set up intentions for the coming year. I already have something in mind for that, but this year I’m keeping the celebrations private.

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