Goodbye 2015 – Hello 2016!

Planning for the year ahead

Yearly planning for 2016

Tomorrow it’s time for me to do my yearly evaluation where I sum up 2015 and plan what I wish to achieve and experience in 2016. Although I have been making yearly plans for some time now, I haven’t really followed a certain formula when doing it previously. One year I was mindmapping with the help of Freemind, other times I have just scribbled and drawn with color pencils on large papers visualizing dreams and what I would do on a perfect day.

Daydreaming with an open mind is a powerful tool if you allow all the “impractical” thoughts and ideas to surface. The things you don’t even know how you could possibly reach, that stir up powerful emotions inside of you. Allowing them to surface is the first step to making things happen.
Color pencils
This year I decided to take a more structured approach. I will be using two e-books that will help me ask the right questions to be able to answer more clearly what I want 2016 to look like on several different levels.

Two e-books to get you going

The first one I have been using during most of 2015 already: Jake Jorgovans The Focused Creator. To get this free e-book you just need to provide your email address. It’s a fantastic tool to help you get more focused in every day life and stay on track with your goals – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and even longer than that.
Dream big for 2016
I use his planning sheets every day (at least during work weeks) to stay on track. I really find it useful to have my goals/objectives on paper next to me on my desk rather than in a file on my computer. I focus in another way when I write down my plans by hand and I cannot squeeze in too much. However much I love Evernote (use my referral link to get free premium trial) for saving and sharing project notes, clip articles on the web and much more, I just tend to squeeze in far too much when I use it for everyday planning. That’s why I love the system in The Focused Creator. Whatever doesn’t fit written on a post-it note is too much for one day. Simple as that.

A holistic approach for 2016

This time I also decided to bring in Unravelling The Year Ahead by Susannah Conway (also 100% free) that I was recommended by Sanna to check out. Even though I might omit the parts using tarot to guide you (just not my thing), I find that she asks very interesting questions and has a more holistic approach to wishes and plans for 2016. That’s something lacking a bit in the other book. Some of the questions she asks are questions that I probably would forget to bring in if doing this without guidance. But they are just as important. Having yearly plans shouldn’t only be about what you do or achieve – it should be just as much about how you want to feel and how you hope to develop as a person.
The gifts of 2015

Open up to future possibilities

Why should you be planning your life in the first place? Your future life should be about your dreams, wishes and about living up to your full potential. That’s not limited to degrees, titles and fancy jobs. You are much more than that, and giving yourself time and space to remember that – to think about what it actually means and what is important to you – might be one of the most important things you do in life. It might help you realize that you are on the right path or that you need to make radical changes to be happy.
Everything is possible in 2016
If you haven’t tried out any of this before I highly recommend it. But beware, it might make 2016 into a year where things start moving in new directions. As long as the starting point is in your heart and your innermost wishes it will be a rewarding experience. Not a simple and all rosy one, but rewarding.

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