Guerilla gardening time

Guerilla gardening flower seeds in bag

A quick flashback to some guerilla gardening I did with friends on Walpurgis night.

Guerilla what? Guerilla gardening = planting seeds or plants on random ugly spots, often in a city or suburban area, but it can be anywhere really. Note that this is not 100% legal in most cases, so be careful. Even if you’re doing nature a service you might be planting on somebody else’s property and could get into trouble.

But in the case of abandoned plots or strips next to roads that are not being taken care of, it might be that the owner (or even the city) will be happy for you doing something.
Guerilla gardening seeds and beans mix
An alternative if you’re not willing to get into trouble is going to ask your local or city counsil if they have some spot that they could give you permission to plant on. That can be a good idea if you’re intending to dig up patches of the existing vegetation to put in plants. Often they have some patch that they would be glad to hand over the responsibility for.

On the other hand, “dropping” a few seeds every here and there will be almost impossible to trace back to you unless you’re really “caught in the act”. Still then, you just dropped some seeds without a specific intention, right? 😉
Sowing seeds outside
In our case we just grabbed some flower seeds and beans to plant out. It’s a spot where only nettles and weeds grow now, so let’s see if some of the flowers will show up and spread naturally on their own. I think that it would look really nice and it could definitely not be considered a fellony. The seeds could just as well have spread from any of the nearby gardens.
Pressing down seeds with foot
I passed by the other day again, but so far I couldn’t really see any results. These flowers haven’t started to blossom in my garden either and I believe I will only be able to see if it worked in July or August. With the crazy rains and low temperatures we’re having it might even take longer time.

Guerilla gardening seed bombs

If you want some extra effect or a game you can play with your kids outside (on a spot where you have permission to plant something) you can make some seed bombs. These can be thrown with your hand or shot away with a sling-shot. Check some instructions on how to make them here.
Seed bag flowers
So get out and play + do something useful at the same time! Guerilla gardening is great if you don’t have a garden of your own. Plant something on a spot on your route to work and see it develop day by day.
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