Hand sewing tutorials in the making

Script writing and rehearsals.

Hand sewing tutorial

The script for the first tutorial video is done and I’m currently rehearsing the timing to make sure the tempo of what I show fits well together with the explanations. As I mentioned in the last article I will overdub the script after recording and editing the video. This will make me able to use my pro microphone in a nicely echo free environment to record the instructions with really good and clear sound.

I have been doing some more lighting tests with the help of lamps I already had at home and the results are good enough for now. I believe in doing what you can with what you have. Don’t let technical limitations stop you. Find ways to work around them in a creative way.

The biggest challenge for now is staying still enough with my hands and the materials to not drop out of focus when filming close-ups, but I have figured out that I can get around this with fixing the fabric to a solid spot within an embroidery hoop or a self-built frame. This will also make some parts of the demonstration clearer since I prevent the fabric from folding and blocking the view of the stitches.
Hand sewing tutorial

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