Happy Permaculture Day 2016!

Beans and herbs harvested in my terrace garden 2015

Permaculture Day 2016

This is starting to become a tradition! Since a few years now International Permaculture Day is being celebrated on several places all over the world with farm tours, showcases of sustainable housing, Eco-workshops, Permablitzes, films and much more. So far the main part of the events are in Australia and the United States, but it’s slowly starting to spread all over the world. Permaculture day is always on the first Sunday of the month of May so put that in your agenda.

Flowers by apple tree

Flowers next to my apple tree on my terrace 2015

Check out more information on http://permacultureday.org/. You can add an event of your own if you’re planning something that is open to the public.

Grains on a field nearby my home

Plant something!

My suggestion for all of you is that you do a bit of guerilla gardening or plant something in your garden or at home. If you can – plant a tree. That’s something that will make an impact over long time. But a small pot in your window or dropping some seeds by “mistake” on some random ugly spot in a city are other options that are nice too. I will probably engage in a couple of these options. Not telling you which. 😛

Lettuce plants

Some lettuce plants waiting to find their new home outside. I can’t wait to see the results in my garden this year!

Also, I’ll spend some time today planning a bit on the Permaculture Designs for family and friends. It’s all smaller (sub)urban designs – one on a terrace, one in a back yard. Still, I want to go through most steps that Aranya describes in his book. I’m on the last pages now and it’s really a brilliant book to use as a framework when designing. It’s a great checklist for making sure you take “all” (you can’t!) things in consideration when designing and give yourself time to experiment with ideas, try out different options and scenarios to create a design able to withstand fluctuating factors.
WIldpark water landscape

Water landscape at the Wildpark Pforzheim – great inspiration for how you can mix plants and water features.

Having a step by step method for this is something I find very useful for someone like me. I tend to go quite straight to the first solution I see, but here I have a framework forcing me to question my own ideas and consider different options before I go ahead with the design or the implementation. As I said in my short previous review, the methods presented can be applied to so much more than just agriculture. Actually, the writer has used the same to design his own life, for managing group dynamics and much more. Honestly, get this book if you’re interested in Permaculture, organic farming or just managing your life or projects in a more efficient way. I was a bit skeptical at first due to the typography and layout style (it looks a bit dated) but the contents of it is just brilliant!
Morning glory

Morning glory flower in the woods near my home.

Inspirational videos & sites

Instead of leaving you with one single video, today I suggest you go check out these 9 videos that Geoff Lawton has left on his site. I guess you do need to sign up to get access, but it’s all for free and he only sends one newsletter a week. If you don’t find it useful, just unsubscribe. But really, do go and check them out. They contain really valuable knowledge when it comes to Permaculture!

Now, get out of here, celebrate Permaculture day and get planting!


Blackberries on my terrace 2015

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