Sometimes things just fall into place.


Today I had kind of a revelation regarding what this blog project will morph into. I have wanted to take it further than being just an appendix of my writing and voice business and today I finally figured out how I can convert it all into the project of my dreams. The project that incorporates all sides of my messy mind and uses it as an advantage.

I’ve had it processing in the back of my head but there was a gap between where I am now and how to get to where I want to be in a few years. I didn’t see the way I can start doing what I really want to do right away – right now – today.

So I started today.

I have a fantastic network of people I know and that network will be used. I started contacting people already, but with more exciting proposals than just asking for an interview. I figured out how I can offer you readers something more. You will no longer be just readers. Many of you will turn into “doers”.

This is what drives me.

I’m inspired by showing people other ways to do things. Inspired by showing how you can learn something new every day and become a more active person.

To put it shortly:

Hyperbrain.me = Learn something new!

The slogan and the whole concept will be explained and rolled out gradually. I already had the draft for how to present my future goals etc, but now it stands clear how I can start already today to offer the things I was seeing 4-5 years away. I was just limiting myself on one stupid point that I thought I needed to have first.

I don’t need it to get started.

Once that stood clear my mind looked like the image above. 😀

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