Hike up to Burgruine Waldeck

Burg Waldeck from path up to the castle

This weekend I took a trip to another medieval castle ruin nearby that I had wanted to see for some time: Burgruine Waldeck.
Gate at Burg Waldeck
It’s not fully clear when this castle was first built. It appears to have been mentioned the first time in the mid 12th century, but like many castles of this type it has been expanded, rebuilt and changed over the course of time.
The Waldeck castle is a so called spur castle, meaning that it is located on a spur projecting from a hill = high up on a cliff with steep hillsides on (ideally) three sides for good defense.
What surprised me with this ruin is that it looks quite small when you come from below, but once you reach the top you see how vast it is. It must have been quite impressive in its heyday.
With massive layers of protective walls, a center part built on the rocks and a wide neck ditch (a moat that doesn’t surround the full castle) at the outskirts of remains of the castle walls this place probably housed a quite large household.
The paths leading up to the castle ruin are also highly recommended. Idyllic and magical forests, mossy stone stairs, rivers and half-timbered houses. It doesn’t get more romantic than this I guess.
If you know German you can read some more detailed information about Burg Waldeck on the Burgenarchiv site.
You can even see it as a 3D model here.
If you happen to be in Schwarzwald and want to check it out yourself. Here it is:

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