Historisches Altstadtfest Kenzingen 2015

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Kenzingen Mittelaltermarkt

I’m back from the hottest weekend in ages.

Standing on stage in full sun, dressed in a wool dress when it’s 38 degrees Celcius in the shadow isn’t really something I can recommend. But besides that I had a great time at the market.

The church next to the camp had really beautiful ornaments so I spent some time on the shadow side during the day admiring the blacksmith work.
I’m not much into the sword fighting thing myself, but a few from our group were staying strong and demonstrating their skills in the heat.
Cooking over open fire is given at a medieval fair. Lots of delicious food all weekend, but sweaty when having to clean the pots and pans afterwards.
Another feature from the Kenzingen church facade.
The river nearby saved us during the worst hours of the afternoon. Great to be able to go for a swim to cool down a bit.
Now back home again I’m working on a belt for the dress I’m going to wear during the gig with Shrine of Insanabilis at Forest Fest in Switzerland the coming weekend. Staying busy even if I’m officially on holidays…

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