The art of gilded letters


Well, not as in spiritual/philosophical illumination. More as in the creation of beautiful manuscripts.

You couldn’t see it that well on the post from yesterday with the glögg bottle, but the tag was something I did just to get my mind off work for a bit. I’m no good with drawing, but I hope that one day I’ll have the patience to learn it better and also to learn to create beautiful calligraphy and illumination techniques for making ornamented manuscripts.

When creating this one I just had a look in a book about the history of Calligraphy (The Art of Western Calligraphy – Western Europe & America – ISBN 0 906223 64 4) and chose one of the styles from 16th century Italian manuscript – not really copying it, more taking some inspiration from it.

You can see a few steps of the process in the image above.

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