Last harvest for the season

Clearing out the garden for winter

Autumn apple in my terrace garden

The nights are getting colder over here. To save the last tomatoes and chili plants from being taken by the frost I decided to clear out the garden beds and prepare the garden for winter.
Harvesting the last tomatoes of the year.
First of all I started with harvesting the remaining tomatoes. As you can see on the picture above, not all of them are ripe yet, but they will ripen inside. Since I plan on making a tomato sauce from them it’s OK when some of them are slightly green still.

Getting them all out of the tangled mess that my tomato plants turned into took a bit of time, but now they are all in a bowl waiting to be cooked.
Some of the last beans for the season.
After that I took care of the last beans. I’m saving some of them to keep the seeds for next year.
Summer flowers - or rather autumn flowers
The summer flowers I planted are quite sturdy and refuse to realize it’s soon mid October. Actually I had a strawberry the other day, delicious! But that must have been the last one.
All in all, this is what I managed to harvest. Note the tiny red kuri squash in the middle. I’m saving it as autumn decoration since it’s too small and cute to eat. If you can get hold of a bit bigger ones, I recommend trying my recipe for baked red kuri with cheese. Really tasty!
Chili winter preparation.
My first attempt to grow chili has turned out so so… Most of the plants remained tiny. There’s just one that has grown quite large, but it has given no fruits so far. I decided to take them all inside and hope that they will survive the winter indoors.

Oh, and I can’t forget my apples. I took them all in and will try to make some nice apple filled pastries. They turned out very small this year, probably due to the tree not being properly protected from the frost and snow last winter. I will make sure to take better care of that this year.

Now I will take a break from gardening for the rest of the year but I have some ideas for what to try out next year and what I will do differently. I definitely learned a lot this year. It’s interesting to see how much you can actually do with only 4-5 square meters of growing space!

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