Medieval fair Bad Wildbad 2015

An escape to the past in an idyllic Black Forest spa village

Medieval fair in Bad Wildbad 2015

Bad Wildbad is an idyllic village situated in northern Black Forest. It’s well known for its thermal waters and has several spa’s, among which the Palais Thermal probably is the most famous one. This majestic mid 19th century building actually has a much older history than that. Its status as a bath was given by Count Eberhard II of Württemberg in the 14th century and back to around that time is where some of us traveled last weekend.
Building medival tent.
Every other year a medieval fair is organized in the old spa park where the river Enz is floating by. We took part with our group Freie Ritterschaft Baden with our medieval camp as well as showing crafts, sword fighting and dances.
Firewood and blue tent.
As with any medieval fair, it takes quite some work building up the tents. To stay warm in the evenings and to have something to cook with we also bring huge amounts of firewood.
Medieval Pavillions
Once everything is set our tents and pavillions are quite cozy to sleep in, but since autumn already is here, quite some wool blankets and sheepskins were needed to stay warm at night.
Morning star fight
Part of our programme is showing medieval fighting techniques with swords, morning stars and similar. Some acting on top of that and you have quite a show.
River Enz in Bad Wildbad
The scenery next to the river Enz creates a perfect backdrop for this kind of event.
Wood crafts
Our jester happens to be a talented craftsman making items out of wood, leather, bone and horn.
Medieval cooking
Cooking over open fire is an important part of medieval camp life. These bacon wrapped prunes were a very tasty starter.

In our group we have jars, bowls and cups made of Pingsdorf Ware, a high fired earthenware which has been found in several archaeological finds from nearby regions. All of our Pingsdorf items are replicas of originals from the time period we’re trying to recreate.
Pingsdorfer Aquamanile
This Pingsdorf Aquamanile looks very decorative on the table.
Medieval french toast
This medieval style French toast with herbs tasted amazing straight from the wood fired pan.
Cooking over open fire.
Our cooks stay busy for several hours preparing dish after dish. This time we were over 30 people eating one evening. Quite an effort to cook for so many, especially over open fire.
Medieval dance
Showing medieval and renaissance dances is another activity we perform. Here some up-tempo peasant dances.
Evening torchlight procession.
Saturday evening some members received their new status as knights and ladies. We try to follow old systems from knights orders where you need to serve for several years before you are knighted or raised to nobility.

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