Medieval fair Großbottwar 2015

10 year celebration of the historical city feast

Helmet on bench

Großbottwar is a small town in the Ludwigsburg district in Baden-Württemberg, southwestern Germany. The area has been inhabited at least since the stone age and was occupied by the Romans. The city itself was founded sometime in the mid 13th century and since it hasn’t been damaged by the wars in the previous century it still has several buildings from the 15th to the 17th centuries remaining intact.

The Rathaus (town hall) seen below is quite an impressive timber framed building from the 16th century and next to it is a restaurant in a house from 1430.
Rathaus Großbottwar
During this weekend the reenactment group I’m in (Freie Ritterschaft Baden) participated in the Historischer Markt Großbottwar – a nice last event for the season. This was the 10th time this fair takes place and we expect there will be many more years since over 15000 visitors came over the weekend.

Even if the previous fair in Bad Wildbad was a bit more idyllic, this fair also had a lot of charm since it was spread out over several smaller streets. In the evenings the modern world somehow faded away and the illusion of a city from the past came to life.
Knight's helmet
A knight needs his (or her) armour – here a helmet is getting some rest in the sun between fights.
Putting up our pavillions and tents on a parking lot demanded quite some drilling in the asphalt (and made photography a challenge if not wanting to edit out white lines with Photoshop…) but besides that our camp was nicely protected by the old city wall.
Pingsdorfer Ware
Food and drinks were abundant as usual.
Wood work
When we’re not busy performing on stage or cooking we try to take some time for crafting different items. Here a spoon is being carved. Below, one of our knights is threading a heddle for weaving a strap to carry her quiver.
Threading heddle
Every now and then there is also time for a board game.
All in all it was a nice weekend with time for crafting, performing music, dances and fighting as well as having the chance to check out the market stalls in the evenings. Looking forward to go there next year again.

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