Midvinterblot – Winter Solstice celebration 2015

Happy New (natural) Year!

Midvinterblot top image

Yesterday it was time for my yearly Midvinterblot (Winter Solstice) celebration. However pagan that may sound, my celebration has little to do with sacrificing pigs, horses, humans and hanging them up in trees… The only thing I hung up in a tree was a gift for the birds in the woods. For me it’s a New Year’s celebration where I take the time to focus on what I wish for in the coming year.
The Midvinterblot altar
We brought some candles, a lantern and cups with mead to toast to our intentions. The skull was brought along, not because it looks “cool”, but because it’s covered with an important inscription from Ripley’s Twelve Gates. In this case the first passage dealing with calcination.
V-kaos in the shadows
This is a time to focus within yourself, not on the withering shell. A time to find the voice calling you within. To listen to your deepest wishes and goals and find the words that transform them into something that can be realized.
Burning note with yearly intention
Since several years now, I have a ritual where I set an intention for the coming year. I sum it up in one or two sentences and let it guide me during the months to come. I either just say the words to myself or write them down on a note that is then burned in a fire. So far this has had great impact on my life. Sometimes with slightly unexpected consequences, but that can be expected when you listen to what you really want to do or where you really want to be.
Moonlight by Würm river
We were accompanied by a bright moonlight on a field next to a river. A beautiful setting that added to the experience.
S burning his intention note
This time the Midvinterblot ritual was performed in private, but I hope that some more friends took part in the celebrations, albeit at a distance. Next year I hope to be able to join up a larger group of people to do it together with again (last year it was a party with over 30 people).
Sunrise the morning after the Midvinterblot
Now the darkest night of the year is over, or rather, the first night of the year. For me 2016 (or whatever year this might be) has now started and I’m looking forward to see what it has to offer.

Extra photo credits go to Schorsch who was participating in the Midvinterblot and helping me take photos this time. He had more talent in capturing the moon hiding behind the trees.

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