A cryptic spring tale

The place where my voice was silenced is opening up my black heart. Spilling out the sticky tar, the memories of time lost and spent. Drilling holes into the wood to seek shelter. Newborn in judgement. Listening. Moving. The angelic numbers of fullfilment combined. Viewing myself in a new light [...]

10th April 2016

Oldschool Worx

Oldschool audio formats Today the tape deck has been running warm. I’m copying the tapes for the V-kaos III demo by hand. It takes time of course, but it’s a good way to take a break from my work and to avoid sitting too long time straight by the computer. My tape deck is over 30 years [...]

9th February 2016

Solvtio Perfecta I Event Invitation

Today I present to you the flyer for the event I’m organizing in Pforzheim, Germany on March 19th 2016. It’s going to take place in a cozy bar with stone vaults called Pfeifedeggl (their website appears to not have been updated for the last 15 years or so, but I assure you it’s a [...]

5th February 2016

Morning poetry

Open your mouth to speak words written in silence. Silent words don’t speak.   Mythological beings of old start to breathe on mountainsides in what’s of left of the woods.   They screamed but nobody would listen. So they learned to speak in other ways.   That vibration [...]

2nd February 2016

Wintery visions

Today I’ll let the photos I took yesterday speak for themselves. Bright sunshine, snow and -11 degrees. Pure [...]

19th January 2016

Snow 3.0 – finally some winter

Winter wonderland I was actually supposed to have published part two of the Historical Hand Sewing Tutorial series today, but sometimes you just have to skip the “have to’s” and go with your gut feeling. I really wanted to get out since it started snowing last night and I have [...]

15th January 2016

Goodbye 2015 – Hello 2016!

Tomorrow it’s time for me to do my yearly evaluation where I sum up 2015 and plan what I wish to achieve and experience in 2016. Although I have been making yearly plans for some time now, I haven’t really followed a certain formula when doing it previously. One year I was mindmapping [...]

1st January 2016

As the world freezes

As winter freezes the exterior world, the inner world flies free Slowly awakening from a period of slumber. As the world freezes my senses turn crystal clear. Sharp sight. Breathing. Sensing that which spoke when I wouldn’t listen. Tasting frozen blood feeding the visions. We failed you. We [...]

29th December 2015

Make your smartphone smarter

Today I hope you’re all busy spending time with family and friends. Actually, I hope you’re not reading this, or at least that you read it one or two days after it has been written. I have a few small suggestions to make, suggestions stemming from noticing that I have been spending far [...]

25th December 2015

Midvinterblot – Winter Solstice celebration 2015

Yesterday it was time for my yearly Midvinterblot (Winter Solstice) celebration. However pagan that may sound, my celebration has little to do with sacrificing pigs, horses, humans and hanging them up in trees… The only thing I hung up in a tree was a gift for the birds in the woods. For me [...]

22nd December 2015

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