The small things that make up the whole

The beauty of the small things Look around you. What do you see? Have you really stopped and observed something small today? Really looked at the details? Stepping out of the tunnel vision to see with a crystal clear eye. Focusing on the tiniest object to see a new world. A world that can be [...]

8th December 2015

Crowned we lay everything open

Inner Coronation Written in stone are shimmering feathers – shifting in all perceptible shades. As Venus crosses the sky to the sound of fretted and bowed strings. Naked they turn their backs against the world. Ride into deepest woods. Metallic vessels gleam in the splendour of the sun. [...]

10th November 2015

Observe, allow and speak

When the flow of information becomes too great – stop. Stop to observe. Breathe the clear autumn air and see what step should come next. The step that has been lurking in the background. The desire burning inside that comes to life every time I dare to halt for a second. The secret wish for [...]

25th September 2015

Write your own fairytale

Write your own fairytale, not the one of others This week I have been thinking a lot about the concepts of consumption, luxury and living your dreams – but perhaps not from the perspective of being lazy on a tropical island “sipping coconuts” as the guys in the Lambogoal podcast [...]

28th August 2015

Welcome back!

Welcome back to the new version of Hyperbrain.me! I really hope that you like the new look and feel of the site. I’m still working on some last details in the layout and setup of the categories, but all articles worth moving from the old system have been migrated. Do real things! In the [...]

25th August 2015

Of Habit Creeps

Today I suggest that you read an article by James Clear on a term he coined called habit creep. Many of you might be familiar with the term “lifestyle creep”, which basically means that when your income increases, so does your lifestyle gradually. This generally happens in such small [...]

21st July 2015

The Universe Speaks

Sometimes you have to listen to what the universe, your body and mind tries to tell you. System crash, lost information, breakdown. Used to ignore these signals. Used to take them as a challenge and push on harder. Proven enough times to have the stamina to pull through. Today it is time to listen. [...]

1st July 2015

Of Polymaths

For years I have known that I am not wired in the way expected of us in today’s society. I find it hard to stick to one single thing and specialize on it for life. I have too many different interests, some recurring, other just temporary passions. Luckily there is a term, or actually a few, [...]

30th June 2015

Enter the void

Time to enter the personal void. The space where everything is possible. Where every thought is allowed. The finalization of the soundtrack of terror. Extracting to expand. V-kaos on the [...]

29th December 2014

A new year has begun

Yesterday I focused on spending time with my friends instead of being by the computer. I was happy to see that several were happy to participate in the small ritual that I usually perform on the winter solstice. Each person who wanted to take part was asked to write their wishes for the coming year [...]

22nd December 2014

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