Putrefactio: Allow things to ferment and transform. While waiting for the fire to be lit & warm up. While waiting for the final step. Where the final state still will be consumed. Cycles moving so slowly that they are difficult to [...]

18th December 2014

Choose your tools to suit your mood

When was the last time you made something by hand? When did you last write something with an ordinary pen? With all the brilliant technology we have around us I sometimes truly find pleasure in doing things by hand instead. Be it sewing or writing – my mind seems to work in a different way. [...]

16th December 2014

The Forest Breathes

Went out for a long walk in the rare sunshine. The forest breathes, but it’s odd to see how nature looks as if it is October, not mid December… A day to clean the mind. A day to clean the house. A day to clean away negativity and dive deeper. Talking to the left hand dragon lighting up [...]

15th December 2014

A dive down in Symbolism

I spent some time today working on the layout for an art zine that will be an addition to the next release with my music project V-kaos. I asked friends to contribute with a piece or art or text which they were free to create based on an individual quote that I gave each person. I’m waiting [...]

13th December 2014

Time for a break.

Today I really needed to take some time off from the computer – so today’s post is dedicated to taking breaks. As a freelancer and a general hyperbrain with too many ideas popping up constantly it’s important that I force myself to take breaks every now and then. That’s [...]

12th December 2014

Set your goals high

So I said I would reveal a bit more about the goal with this blog. As you can see in the description about me I work with translations, copy writing and voice-over. But I have also revealed some of my other interests such as historical handicrafts, music, Permaculture, food/drinks, philosophy, [...]

2nd December 2014

Widen your perspective

Trying to look wider on things. Trying out new angles. Trying another perspective. From high above, big obstacles seem small. From a distance, the great possibilities stand out in the [...]

1st December 2014


Today I had kind of a revelation regarding what this blog project will morph into. I have wanted to take it further than being just an appendix of my writing and voice business and today I finally figured out how I can convert it all into the project of my dreams. The project that incorporates all [...]

26th November 2014

Of Change

Changes may happen via active choice as well as through losing control. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Your environment changes from day to day. People close to you choose other ways or affect you in one way or another. You might notice that it’s time to move on towards the next [...]

19th September 2014

Of SEO Blog Writing

One thing that I do a lot in my work is writing SEO critical blog texts. These are texts that many times just end up on some remote blog used for back linking to company sites or other blogs used to drive traffic on certain keywords. I know, I’m part of polluting the Internet – but [...]

28th August 2014

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