Mittens part 1

Making a copy of some Viking age mittens.


I told you a few days ago that I was choosing materials for a pair of mittens (based on the Gardar mitten). Today I started working on them, but since I only had a sketch to work with and no proper pattern I thought I’d do things the right way this time = make a prototype before cutting in the real material.

I started with drawing around my hand flat on a paper to get the basic dimensions I needed. Then I figured out how to shape the different pieces based on the sketch. Turned out that only after cutting the thumb part in paper I saw that I had made one bit too short, but that was easy to compensate for once transferring it to fabric. I used an old piece that I had cut off from a pair of jeans.

Then I begun tacking the thumb part to the inside of the hand, folded it inside out to sew it shut and finally added the back part. Didn’t take long since I just roughly tacked it all together, not really proper sewing.


End result: The shape and dimensions are fitting great but I need to make them one notch larger = add a proper seam allowance to the whole pattern. Then the mittens will fit nicely. I feel confident cutting the real fabric now.

I will make a detailed description of the process once I work with the real material.

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