Mittens part 2

The Gardar mitten - Viking age winter clothing

Mittens 2

Today I started on the real mittens. I’m still sticking to shorter descriptions since I want to summarize it all in one larger how-to post describing all steps in detail.

First of all I had to adjust the small issues with the original pattern, namely widen the thumb part in one place and add seam allowance all-over.

Once I had transferred it all to a new paper pattern – with seam allowance included – I drew up and cut the pieces of my red wadmal fabric.

I will sew one of the wadmal mittens together before I cut the lining, just to make sure that the updated version of the pattern fits as good as expected. I included an image of the lining fabric I will use. It’s a piece of green-blue silk that I have had lying around for 10 years in my stock of fabrics. Time to use it!
Mittens 2

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