Mittens part 3

Time to embroider the Viking mittens.

Mittens 3

I tacked together one of the wadmal mittens just to try out that it fit properly before proceeding with the remaining steps. Since all was fine I took it apart again to start on another crucial part – the decoration!

I’m using a pattern that was included in the embroidery instruction sheets I ordered from Pinglan Vargtass. They are free for use by the holder of the instructions, and since one of the patterns is unsymmetrical I figured out it would be perfect to put it mirrored on each of the mittens.

Drafting a pattern to thick wool fabrics can be tricky since tracing papers usually don’t work very good. The fabric surface is too fluffy. Instead you need to cut out the pattern and draw it by hand around it. It can be a bit difficult for this kind of Viking dragon patterns since they have lines crossing over each other so an alternative method is quickly sewing through the pattern with lose stitches and then removing the pieces of paper. Then you follow with the real embroidery before removing the sewn tracing lines.

My next step is embroidering the pattern using couching technique, which I find the fastest + gives a nice and distinct result. After that, time to cut the lining fabric.

Mittens 3

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