Mushroom kit experiment

Champignons from a box

Homegrown champignons

Anyone can fit in a mushroom kit!

Some weeks ago I decided to try out a mushroom kit. I’ve wanted to try to grow my own mushrooms for a long time to see if it is as easy as people claim and it definitely was!

Inoculated straw with champignon mycelium

The pack came the next day and contained a styrofoam box filled with straw and soil inoculated with mushroom spores. No instructions were included so I had to look for them on the site of the seller.

Once I had them it was really easy to set it up and anyone who can fit in a 30 x 25 x 15 cm box has space for one. First you need to cover the content of the box with a layer of wet gardening soil.

Mushroom mycelium covered with soil

After this you cover the box with the lid and leave it at a fairly warm place (20-25 degrees Celsius) for 5-8 days. Check after 5 days if the mycelium has reached the surface – it shows as a white net. If not, leave it for another 2-3 days.

Once the mycelium is showing in the edges, you should push the soil out to cover it. Leave it with the lid on for another 2-3 days. After this, most of the surface of the mushroom kit should be covered with mycelium.

Mycelium has reached the surface

Now it’s time to put the mushroom kit in a cooler place. Around 16-19 degrees Celsius is ideal. The lid should be left open with a small gap, for instance with the help of toothpicks or matches. Spray the surface with water daily to keep the soil moist.

After around 1-2 weeks champignons will start to show on the surface. Once the mushrooms are coming up it’s happening quick. Already the next day or two after they might be ready for harvest.

Mushrooms in mushroom kit

Here you can see some of the mushrooms from my first harvest. I chopped them up, fried them in butter, added some herbs and ate on a sandwich. So tasty!

Mushrooms with onion and parsley

Conclusion of the experiment:

It really was as easy as the instructions stated. Unfortunately it didn’t give such a large harvest as I had expected, but I have tried adding some more soil on top to see if it gets going again. If not, I guess I’ll try out some other type of kit to see the difference. I suspect the reason for the small harvest might have to do with not having a room that is cold enough for the mushrooms. Maybe I should put my mushroom kit down in the basement next time. That might work better.

Anyway, it was really fun trying this out and I’ll definitely continue to experiment further!

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