New Camera – New Inspiration

Love my "new" Sony Alpha.


I finally managed to purchase a camera with all the functions I need to be able to produce videos of the quality I want for the upcoming tutorials, courses and probably also some interviews later. I have wanted to have a proper DSLR for years but only now I could fit it into my budget and found a good second hand one. (Technically the one I got is an SLT, which has advantages when filming, but the term DSLR is the general term people use for them anyway.) It was rarely used by the previous owner so it’s in fantastic condition.
Sure, it’s a few years old and lacks some of the latest features found on new machines on the market – but it has what I need to do the work I want. And this is what I could afford now. For me it’s more important to have something to get started with, rather than saving for a year before I can produce anything. I try to save up for things I buy and avoid using credits for consumer goods.

Buying things on credit should, in my opinion, be saved for cases such as when your fridge breaks down in the middle of summer and you need a new one fast. Even better is having a fund for such occasions + insurances against such when possible. (I’ll skip my views on buying a house this time because that’s an investment most people cannot save up for before they buy one today. There are also of tax advantages if you do buy one on credit. Short summary – our economy is insane.)
In this post I have added a few quick snapshots taken with it. Only cropped, no filters or other editing. I will be spending some time learning all the settings of the camera to be able to use it to its full potential, but a short test drive has shown that it’s quite easy to get nice results. I took the pictures at home, by Burgruine Liebeneck and in the Wildpark Pforzheim – a very nice place nearby. For a zoological park they’re doing a great job giving the animals a habitat as close as possible to their natural one.
Donkey Wildpark
You are allowed to feed some of the animals in the park and they usually come running quickly when they hear the sound of the rattling feed packages.
Burgruine Liebeneck
Burgruine Liebeneck – a medieval castle ruin well hidden in the woods.
Flower in pot
Just a small flower in my garden next to the apple tree.
Goat in Wildpark
I just LOVE the face expression of this goat! He seems to enjoy his food quite a bit.
Feeding time
Feeding time.
Flowers at home
I’m quite happy with the light sensitivity even without flash. Sure, the picture is quite red but for an automatic setting it’s sharp enough in low light conditions. (Not taking in consideration that the compression messes the pictures up here.)
Tired owl
I think we woke someone up…

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