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How to embrace changes in your life.


Changes may happen via active choice as well as through losing control. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Your environment changes from day to day. People close to you choose other ways or affect you in one way or another. You might notice that it’s time to move on towards the next goal.

This blog is a part of an active change process concerned with the opposite of that. It is here to give me a fixed base in something that I hope will turn out to be an enriching journey. It makes up a fixed mental connection point to hold on to, instead of always breaking free and start up new life-changing projects. This project gives enough space to integrate the new sub-projects and give them a frame, a context.

Some people I know live in the notion that everything is and should be the same way it was 20 years ago. It is not. The world transforms every day.

One one hand it’s fine to be nostalgic and use the best of how things were in the past. But it has to be adjusted to the conditions of today and everything is not done best in the way it was done before.

People in general are scared of change. Some wish to keep you back in case you are a person always moving forwards, always adapting.

Of course you need to find your own integrity and identity to not loose yourself on the way. I am, as previously said, a person with several different sides to me, but I have learned with time to see specific re-occurring streams and directions. Interests and ways of thinking being repeated; that which makes up my identity, even if I would describe myself as a chameleon.

The main focus here is continuity. To find a track where there is space for enough variation, but where there are also specific cores and an aim to reach specific goals. It is all about changing the way you view yourself. Shattered confusion turned into flexible focus.

Take the professional life as an example. My CV is messier than messy… From office jobs to music teaching and logging with horses in the forest… More than many get the chance to try out in a lifetime. And I constantly get bored. The fact is that I have thought about exchanging what I work with now for becoming a yoga teacher or nutritionist instead. I wanted to work in museums or archives (where I actually have my main university education) or even put all in for an academical career. Once I started studying to become an engineer thanks to my interest for computers… I never really managed to decide. That’s why I have now told myself that enough is enough and that I actually should use one of the re-occurring cores in who I am and what I do to explore the other parts bit by bit.

I have chosen writing, since it gives space for the other parts. Writing is also something that has been with me for a long time. From writing song lyrics at the age of 6 to writing poetry and short stories and now it’s my job.

To give up my career (how I still hate that word) once more to start a new education within a field that I probably only will want to work in for a few years is not worth it. Instead I will allow writing jobs, translations etc to be my foundation, since I’m good at it and that it is something developing, seen as a whole.

And writing, with this blog as a base is a tool that I can use to explore other areas.

I admire people who are versatile and always wish to learn more. My grandfather was one of my big idols for that reason. Until his last days he always learned new things and tried a bit of this and that, traveled, cooked new types of food and so on. The ideal is a modern renaissance (wo)man who is versatile and interested in expanding.

Montaigne is another one of my role models and of course Leonardo Da Vinci – but not for him painting the Mona Lisa, but rather for exploring and investigating so many other areas. That’s where you find his lifework according to me. Free thinkers pushing boundaries and they exist just as much today.

We should all learn from them instead of being stuck in over-specialized small boxes. The reason for huge progress being made within many fields is thanks to people daring to move past the boundaries for their own field/subject. They tried many new methods that were influenced by other ways of thinking and other methods. They changed the views on how one can tackle a problem or how to investigate something.

People who are open for change move the world forwards.

Solve et coagula.

Scale down to build up.

Dissolve patterns of behavior & conceptions to be able to build a new foundation, but based on the same substance, the same building blocks.

You are responsible for your own change. No one can do it for you and you need to have a will to change. You should also ask yourself why you wish to change something. Is it because others have opinions that affect you or is it something in yourself or your environment that you are not happy with?

Having broad knowledge in a world in constant change protects you. So many have lost their whole livelihood when a certain market has crashed.

Then it is better to have broad knowledge and skills and a field of business that is flexible. If there are less translations there will be more writing jobs. If there are less writing jobs there will be more voice-over and if none of that, I can always get myself a horse and pull down some timber from the forest. That’s something you can always use, even if society, as we know it today, would collapse. The same thing with my interest for self-sufficiency and Permaculture. That’s knowledge and skills that are useful, regardless of how society looks.

The conclusion is that I have learned that I am able to take on changes, I’m adaptable to different environments and I constantly want to develop. The drawback has been that I have been going too much in different directions and “lost ground” compared to other people the same age as me. But I’m tired of comparing myself with others. It only pulls me down and makes me hold myself back.

That’s something where I see that I still need a proper change. That’s the thought with this blog project. To challenge myself to become more social and through that have a better exchange with others which leads to more development and more possibilities. That and ceasing to be so hard on myself.

How do you view change?

Do you have something you wish to change?

Do you have any tips on how one can start change processes and, most importantly, how to make sure they are continuous. Share your thoughts below.

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