Of Habit Creeps

Creep your way up to the top.

Creep your way up to the top.

Today I suggest that you read an article by James Clear on a term he coined called habit creep.

Many of you might be familiar with the term “lifestyle creep”, which basically means that when your income increases, so does your lifestyle gradually. This generally happens in such small steps that you don’t notice it – until you cannot live without your fancy belongings anymore.

The term habit creep on the other hand, is used to signify something positive. Here you change your habits through making small changes in your everyday life and routines. Changing things in micro steps make them managable and possible to maintain – compared to the numerous of people who wake up one day saying they will change their life, to only fall back into the same old patterns a few weeks later.

Habit creep is about building up sustainable behaviours that you wish to have in your life through gradually introducing them into your life. Like this you will sooner or later reach your goals and the likeliness of setbacks decreases.

Read the article and check out some of his other stuff. It is definitely worth reading if you’re interested in finding sustainable ways to attain what you set out to achieve in life.
Creep your way up to the top.

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