Of Textiles and Blood

Focusing on hand sewing

Of Textiles And Blood 1

This post should really be called “Of Focus” – but the focus here is textiles & blood. A showcase of what has been taking up my time and focus the last days.
Textiles And Blood 2
Yes, it is real pigs blood on the dress. No, it doesn’t smell – yet. It will not be washed. It will transform and transcend – just like the belt suggests. (I have to take a picture with it on during the weekend.)

Sometimes I really need to do something with my hands and do something that isn’t productive in terms of “useful” for the rest of the world. I guess you could call it art. Creating a piece of clothing embellished with odd emblems and soaking it in blood to focus your thoughts and intentions. Thoughts and intentions that may be slightly different from what the viewer first perceives.

Creating something which is meant to decay. Putting work into something to partially destroy it. Perfect white being stained. The blood as life and death simultaneously. Daring to inhale the breath of death. Daring to face your own mortality.

(Necklace was a gift from Aqva Regia.)
Of Textiles And Blood 1

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