Of Textures & Flows

Old rusty bucket left in Black Forest - www.hyperbrain.me

Withering away.
Absorbed in textures & flows.
A lonely acorn on the ground - www.hyperbrain.meRadiating where everything else is dying.
Blurry watery visions - www.hyperbrain.meA blurry vision.
Carried away by violent waters.
A clear mirror image - www.hyperbrain.meA still mirror image.
Where you cannot hide beneath the surface.
The roots of the river - www.hyperbrain.meThirsty you stretch out your arms.
In a crowd, desperate, unhearing.
Hiding among the trees - www.hyperbrain.meHiding, watching, where you can see clearly.
But nobody knows you are there.
A cave for fairies deep inside a tree - www.hyperbrain.meIn a place where creatures hide and wait.
Wait for the time when we remember.
To be silent.
To listen again.
As the water falls - www.hyperbrain.meAs crystals fall.
Crushed, dissolved.
Grinding away.
Giving it all a new shape.
I walk my own path - www.hyperbrain.meI continue to walk.
My own path.

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Veronica is the founder of Hyperbrain.me. With one foot in the past and one in the future she takes inspiration from older aesthetics and ideas to apply them in updated form today. She is passionate about teaching timeless skills and believes that the world needs more polymaths.

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