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Today the tape deck has been running warm. I’m copying the tapes for the V-kaos III demo by hand. It takes time of course, but it’s a good way to take a break from my work and to avoid sitting too long time straight by the computer.

My tape deck is over 30 years old but still running great. Things in the past were made to last, that’s for sure. I love tapes! The extra work it takes to rewind them if recorded on one side only. The sound if recorded on a nice deck – that smooth compression.
old JVC tape deck
I guess there’s a big portion of nostalgia in this special liking for tapes. Listening to metal releases that were only made available in this format. The hours I spent by the radio recording obscure sounds from the AM band, underground techno channels and fantastic electroacoustic music from classical radio stations. I still have many of them. I should take care to digitize a few more to make sure the music and sounds aren’t lost.

For this release I still need to finish the layout – something that always takes longer than expected, but I’ll let intuition flow and see where it takes me.
stack of tapes

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