Aqva Regia – turning bones and blood into art

Aqva Regia is an artist producing handmade engraved bone pendants, skulls and other ritual supplies for followers of the left hand path. Around two years I got to know AC and together we decided to start Aqva Regia. The initial idea was that we would do crafts together, but I decided to step down [...]

6th November 2015

Interview with João Figueiredo from the Leeds Drum Academy

This is the second in a line of articles presenting people and brands that I find inspiring. (The first one about my homesteader friends in Sweden can be found here.) Sometimes I will present crafts(wo)men running their own small brand or just being prolific in what they do, other times I will [...]

16th October 2015

Observe, allow and speak

When the flow of information becomes too great – stop. Stop to observe. Breathe the clear autumn air and see what step should come next. The step that has been lurking in the background. The desire burning inside that comes to life every time I dare to halt for a second. The secret wish for [...]

25th September 2015

Visit at Rökstadtorpet

Welcome back to! I took a break in January (and most of February) to recharge a bit and work on new material. Those tutorials I promised are coming. But first I would like to share with you a bit of what I did in January. In early January I traveled up to Sweden to master the latest [...]

26th January 2015

God Jul

As a breaker of traditions for many years I finally started missing the food and get together with family around this time of year. I rarely buy any gifts and for me it has absolutely nothing to do with Christianity. We have a Christmas tree this year, but that’s also something that has [...]

24th December 2014

Medieval nerdery

Today it’s time to put on my old Viking/early medieval clothes and get going to meet up with the other guys from the reenactment group I participate in. There’s a medieval Christmas market downtown and we’re hanging out there for some drinks by the fire. Not the most authentic [...]

23rd December 2014

A blast from the past

Some days I don’t want to write. I just want to dance the way we used to dance,  in the woods, in abandoned warehouses – to harsh sounds that made us forget. Sounds that allowed us to sink into ourselves. Transcending into dark sonar waves. This is the closest I can get to those [...]

19th December 2014