Permaculture & Gardening

Guerilla gardening time

A quick flashback to some guerilla gardening I did with friends on Walpurgis night. Guerilla what? Guerilla gardening = planting seeds or plants on random ugly spots, often in a city or suburban area, but it can be anywhere really. Note that this is not 100% legal in most cases, so be careful. Even [...]

23rd June 2016

Changes in my compact garden 2016

For those of you doing some compact or urban gardening, or any sort of gardening actually, I’d like to remind you of my earlier article about some mistakes I did in 2015 in my terrace garden. It contains some tips that can be useful if you wish to avoid some common errors such as soil drying [...]

2nd June 2016

A Suburban Permaculture Design

Last week I went to some friends living in a village nearby my place to see if I can bring some new life to their garden. This is the start of a small suburban Permaculture design I’m doing, but I decided to do it “backwards” this time. If you know anything about Permaculture [...]

11th May 2016

Happy Permaculture Day 2016!

Permaculture Day 2016 This is starting to become a tradition! Since a few years now International Permaculture Day is being celebrated on several places all over the world with farm tours, showcases of sustainable housing, Eco-workshops, Permablitzes, films and much more. So far the main part of [...]

1st May 2016

Permaculture planning and sowing

Last weekend I did some Permaculture planning and got going with the gardening work for this season. I was sowing some seeds directly in the garden beds outside and started drawing up seedlings indoors for some of the more sensitive plants. Planning, then planting First I made sure to do a review [...]

1st April 2016

Seeds & trees

Various tomato seeds Last weekend I ordered some new seeds to try out a few new plants and other varieties in my compact garden. Among others I ordered some different types of tomatoes that seem interesting. The first one is a large variety from Siberia called “Tschernij Prinz” bearing [...]

20th March 2016

As the garden wakes up from winter

Winter is slowly letting go of its grip here in south Germany. On my terrace it’s time for some spring cleaning in the garden and to prepare the soil for new plants. I pruned some branches on my apple tree yesterday – not because I think trees actually need it to grow healthy but to [...]

11th March 2016

The rebel farmer – book tip

The last days I have been reading a very inspiring book called The Rebel Farmer by Sepp Holzer (I’m reading it in the original German language where the title is Der Agrar-Rebell). This book describes how he has fought his way through life building up an amazing farm high up in the Austrian [...]

16th February 2016

Observe nature

One of the first things you should do if you are interested in starting with gardening or Permaculture is to observe nature. It’s easy to get carried away and just plan, plan and plan some more – but if you don’t know how your environment works a lot of that planning will be in [...]

12th February 2016

Conscious consumption – How do you consume? – part 3

How can you switch to a more conscious consumption? Christmas shopping is blasting right now. I find it a good time to think about how and why we consume and how it is possible to change the way we consume into a more conscious consumption. Every year the business world is aiming for higher and [...]

15th December 2015

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