Permaculture & Gardening

Permaculture in 90 minutes

Introduction by Veronica: Some months ago I was contacted by Dorothy Estrada who had found when looking for Permaculture projects in the regions around Stuttgart and Pforzheim. I found it really nice to meet someone who is also into Permaculture and sustainable life and we had a great [...]

20th November 2015

Mushroom kit experiment

Anyone can fit in a mushroom kit! Some weeks ago I decided to try out a mushroom kit. I’ve wanted to try to grow my own mushrooms for a long time to see if it is as easy as people claim and it definitely was! The pack came the next day and contained a styrofoam box filled with straw and soil [...]

17th November 2015

Last harvest for the season

The nights are getting colder over here. To save the last tomatoes and chili plants from being taken by the frost I decided to clear out the garden beds and prepare the garden for winter. First of all I started with harvesting the remaining tomatoes. As you can see on the picture above, not all of [...]

9th October 2015

Making October a consumption free month

I have decided to challenge myself and make October a consumption free month – inspired by the Voluntary Simplicity movement. With consumption free I mean only buying what is absolutely necessary such as food and hygiene products (although I believe I have enough of the latter) and bus trips, [...]

1st October 2015

Gartenschau Mühlacker 2015

The Gartenschau Mühlacker is a garden exhibition right in the center of the small town of Mühlacker next to the river Enz in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The exhibition is over for this year, but I would recommend a visit during the next season. The exhibition is normally open from mid May until [...]

18th September 2015

Write your own fairytale

Write your own fairytale, not the one of others This week I have been thinking a lot about the concepts of consumption, luxury and living your dreams – but perhaps not from the perspective of being lazy on a tropical island “sipping coconuts” as the guys in the Lambogoal podcast [...]

28th August 2015

Compact gardening – Part 10

Here you can find links, videos, book tips and other resources that can help you in your compact gardening. This article is a living document which will be continuously updated when coming across more good resources. You’re more than welcome to contribute with links to useful articles, [...]

14th August 2015

5 Gardening Mistakes I made in 2015

Here are a few things I learned during the first serious gardening season on my terrace. Previously I have been cultivating on land and in easily movable pots in a quite different climate. Here in Germany I’m on a rooftop terrace with a mix of fixed (at least for the season) garden beds and [...]

11th August 2015

Compact gardening – Part 9

Today I will give you a step by step process which you can use when designing a new garden or if you want to update an existing one. Tools you will need: Color pens, paper, ruler or a garden design system on your computer – whichever you prefer. A long measuring tape or folding rule is also [...]

16th July 2015

Compact gardening – Part 8

If you live in an apartment without a garden, terrace or balcony you probably think there is very little you can do to grow your own vegetables and herbs. Think again! There are some really smart methods out there that anyone can use. At least anyone that can afford electricity, a small water pump [...]

19th June 2015

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