Prague & Kutná Hora – death and ornaments

Skull in Sedlec ossuary, Kutná Hora, Czech Republic

Last week I was in Prague to play with Diabolicum at the Prague Death Mass. I decided to take some extra time to visit Prague and of course go to the ossuary in Kutná Hora.
Skull cup at Kutná Hora
I guess this post is slightly cliché, but I didn’t have time to visit more than the most known highlights of Prague and Kutná Hora while in Czech Republic. And even so, they’re really worth seeing.
Skull towers Kutná Hora
In case you have missed it, the ossuary in Sedlec, Kutná Hora is a display of bones arranged in very beautiful and imaginary ways. Some people may find this macabre, but I see it as a lovely way to remind us of our own mortality. A way to deal with our own fears and horrors through art.
Skull on wall - Kutná Hora
However anonymous, these remains are part of a legacy and receive more attention than most graves of people still having families that are alive…
Putty at skull tower - Kutná Hora
Ironically, while writing this post I’m listening to this piece of music on the radio… (If your French ain’t good enough, check out this link. Google translate does not make it justice.)
Organ in Kutná Hora cathedral
Kutná Hora has more to offer than just the bone chapel. It’s a lovely small town with several cathedrals, beautiful old streets and houses – so take the chance to go check that out as well if you ever visit. I really liked the look of the organ above, but I’m quite a sucker for gothic and neo-gothic architecture and decor in general.
Cathedral Kutná Hora
The cathedral in the town center is also quite something special.
Astronomical clock Prague town square
I had time for one full day of wandering around the streets of central Prague and of course I couldn’t miss out on the astronomical clock on the side of the town hall building. Not only a technical masterpiece – it’s really beautiful (most things from the 15th century are in my opinion).
Church of Our Lady before Týn - Prague
The Church of Our Lady before Týn is situated on the other side of the old town square. An impressive building with its two towers.
Powder tower Prague
Last but not least, the Powder Tower (or Powder Gate) – another building in my favorite architectural style. Isn’t it just gorgeous?

All in all, it was a great week and Prague is definitely a city worth visiting. Lots of tourists though, but I guess that goes for all year. If you can stand that and if you’re into good beer, food and culture I can highly recommend it.

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Things to see in Prague and Kutná Hora.

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