Prebersee – A magical lake hidden high up in the mountains

The path to the Prebersee near Tamsweg in Lungau.

After a hot and humid day at the Permaculture seminar I took at Krameterhof, I decided to go find a lake to wind down and get some fresher air. A woman I met the evening before, when I went for a walk near the river next to the campsite, had tipped me off about the Prebersee. She said it was the nearest lake in the region and a very calm place where people liked to go to relax after work.

A crooked tree near Prebersee outside Tamsweg in Austria - A magical lake in high up in the mountans -

On this particular day the weather wasn’t really fit for going swimming but I was still determined to go have a look at that place. Driving up the narrow, windling road from the village I passed by abandoned cabins, waterfalls and picturesque farms. Once I arrived at the parking lot I realized I must be almost alone there.

A foggy swamp landscape

The Prebersee is situated in the middle of a natural reservation, largely consisting of swamps and small streams that all lead to the lake. To reach it I had to stay on the boards put out for hikers, or else I would have been at least hip deep down in water in som places.

Once arriving at the lake, there was more solid ground again and a small walking path has been laid out around the whole lake. There are a few houses next to it, but on this day nobody seemed to be home. The only people I met was a younger couple out for a walk. Besides that, only me and nature.

Lake Prebersee with a cabin near the water.

The mysterious and foggy landscape fit perfectly to the place. I’m sure it’s beautiful during sunny days as well, but on that day it was perfect just like this. The ambiance was amazing, as if I would have stepped straight into a 90’s black metal album cover.

Cabins next to Prebersee -

A world frozen in the past

A mossy crooked tree standing alone on a field. A larger abandoned spooky looking wood house on the opposite seashore.

View from the cabins towards the mountains by Prebersee, Tamsweg, Austria -

Further away, near the forest border were some small cabins looking like they had not changed a bit since the 19th century. As if you would expect a maid living there over summer to come out the door and call home the cows for milking before the night. A magical world, just a stone’s throw away from civilization.

If you want to go visit the Prebersee yourself you can find it here:

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